Strengthening the lines of communication between manufacturers and HCPs

Connection. On-Demand

Empower HCPs to reach you when they have a need

Lifecom Scientia gives HCPs “one-click” ability to reach out to the right pharma contact any time they have a need, without leaving their electronic workflow. It is the only digital healthcare communications solution that allows interactive communications between HCPs and manufacturers to be initiated from within the EHR clinical workflow.

One click. One text.

When an HCP has a question about your treatment, they can simply click a button within their EHR to contact their pharma rep. Thanks to Lifecom Scientia CRM integration, their assigned rep will receive a compliant text or email indicating that a HCP in their territory has a need.

Support HCPs through the prescribing journey

Whether there’s a question about the science-behind-the-treatment, formulary coverage, or a need to obtain treatment samples, save HCPs time by enabling them to get in touch with you when they are most likely to need your support.

Connect your sales reps or MSLs with the HCPs in their territories

A direct line of communication between a HCP's and their pharma rep is vital to providing scientific and prescribing support in the clinical setting so HCP's understand the ins and outs of your treatments. HCP-driven inquiries means no more waiting for visiting hours to grab a rushed minute to have the most valuable conversations with your most important customers.