The Digital Point-of-Care

The LifecomScientia Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform is the only healthcare communications solution enabling omni-channel digital engagement between life sciences, HCPs, and patients.

Be present throughout the care journey

86% physician engagement with in-workflow messaging

Network of +300 electronic health record systems

12% increase in days on therapy for patients with chronic conditions

Data-driven communication supporting every stage of the pharmaceutical brand lifecycle

Generate physician referrals for your clinical trials. Evidence-based message delivery, powered by predictive analytics and AI, enables outreach based on the exact parameters of the selection and exclusion criteria within your protocol.

Gain market traction immediately with a strong point-of-care presence. Raise awareness with doctors by providing prescribing information directly within their clinical workflow. Facilitate patient adherence by introducing your support at the earliest possible moment – starting with the first fill.

Notify prescribers about label expansions as soon as they have patients in their panel who need your treatment – using advanced analytics. Support positive outcomes with integrated financial assistance and patient support programs to extend days on therapy for people with chronic conditions.

Ensure visibility with HCPs for your brand – every time they are searching for NDC codes within your brand’s approved indications. Support patients through the full doctor-recommended course of treatment with personalized patient support program implementation at-scale.

Reduce the generic erosion curve for brands nearing the patent cliff, or six months post loss-of-exclusivity. Integrated real-world data maximizes the effectiveness of your spend.

Industry events

HCP Engagement Solutions

As the nation’s largest digital network of HCPs, Lifecom Scientia provides a direct channel for life sciences companies to communicate with healthcare HCPs right within their workflow - whether in the hospital or ambulatory setting.

Patient Engagement Solutions

Rapid onboarding, and omni-channel program implementation that fits into people’s everyday lives. Introduction at point-of-care via text-to-enroll, streamlined consent, mobile copay, and digitized nurse support, ensure an optimal patient experience with support programs.

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