Transforming Science to Life

How do you accelerate learning, increase retention, and ensure successful application?

Lifecom Scientia shares expertise in communication science and adult learning principles to meet your training needs for medical affairs, marketing, and sales.

Our expertly crafted medical content accelerates learning by utilizing activity-based and experiential/gamified formats to maximize retention. Our training is focused on real-world challenges that come directly from your trainees’ experience, elevating relevance and value. Your teams are instructed, rehearsed, and coached in the most effective techniques in communication science to maximize the future application of information.

We apply Advanced Communications Training (ACT) in all of our training programs:

  • Explore proven communications principles that lead to more productive interactions
  • Identify enhancements to advance communication skills based on personality type
  • Build skills to better utilize questions during key interactions
  • Tackle existing communication challenges with more application based, more personalized training techniques
  • Supply customized communication scenarios that result in personalized performance targets for each attendee

We also run intensive stand-alone ACT programs to maximize the effectiveness of your teams, including medical science liaison (MSL), sales, and executive.

Communication training is only part of the complete package; to be effective you must also be confident in the medical content. Our content training breaks down the information, making it easily digestible for audiences with various backgrounds, and provides the necessary information to build confidence.

Medical Science Liaison (MSL) training: MSLs are your scientific experts, but are they experts in communicating your scientific story? By enhancing their own communication tendencies and learning to recognize those of others, MSLs can capitalize on their interactions and make a greater strategic impact.

Speaker training: Are your speaker bureau members medical experts or communication experts? Lifecom Scientia believes they need to be both. We train the members of your speaker bureau to be experts in your scientific story and its delivery. During the training bureau, members will:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of both the disease state and clinical data
  • Learn product marketing strategy
  • Become familiar with speaker bureau processes and speaker compliance rules
  • Practice presentation skills using adult learning principles and individual speaker coaching
  • Be connected with peers and your marketing team

Sales training: How do you increase the perceived value of your sales team? Facilitate keeping up the standard of care by implementing expertly designed training for your sales team that includes:

  • Gaining in-depth disease state and product knowledge
  • Learning sales strategy, including competitive landscape and customer types
  • Becoming familiar with sales tools and compliance rules
  • Application of selling skills using adult learning and communication science principles
  • Connection with peers

Clinical investigator training: Are your clinical trial sites recruiting as effectively as possible? Prepare your trial investigators with comprehensive study protocol training. Boost trial enrollment by increasing investigator awareness and confidence through expertly designed educational training programs. An engaging event with in-depth breakout sessions, data review, guest patient speakers, knowledge checks, and team activities to enhance learning.